Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Overwhelming fatigue and the associated symptoms are a common problem for the chronically ill.  It is simply low total body voltage.

Remember that when voltage drops in an organ (below -20 millivolts), it begins to lose its function since it doesn’t have the energy to function as it was designed.  At first one gets fatigue.  Then as cells wear out and cannot be replaced because you don’t have the -50 millivolts it takes to make new cells, the organ begins to fail.  The longer time goes on, the less function the organ can accomplish.

The body will shift voltage and other resources to keep the heart and brain working (Hering’s Law).  It will let other organs fail in an effort to keep the brain and heart working.  When you have malfunction of the brain and/or heart, things are getting more critical for you.

As voltage begins to drop, several bad things happen:

1.  Pain:  chronic pain is a symptom of low voltage

2.  Lack of oxygen:  the amount of oxygen that will dissolve in water is dictated by the voltage of the water.  Since cells are >70% water, as voltage drops, oxygen leaves the cells.

3.  Inefficient metabolism:  as oxygen drops, the efficiency of energy creation drops.  The mitochondria of the cells have a rechargeable battery system called ATP when the battery is charged and ADP when the battery is discharged.  Since we have a rechargeable battery system, we have to have a battery charger.  That is called the Krebs Cycle or the citric acid cycle.  It prefers to run on fatty acids.  For every unit of fat it processes, if oxygen is available ti creates enough electrons to charge up 38 of the ATP batteries.  However, if oxygen is deficient (because voltage is low), for every unit of fat used, it only creates enough electrons to charge up two of the ATP batteries.

4. We all contain about one trillion microorganisms (“bugs”).  They are asleep when oxygen is present.  However, when voltage drops causing oxygen to drop, they wake up and want to have lunch.  To get nutrients from cells, they secrete enzymes to dissolve our cells.  These nutrients can get into our bloodstream and damage distant organs as well.  This is called an “autoimmune disease”.  As voltage and oxygen drop, these microorganisms lose their cell membranes.  Without a cell membrane, the immune system cannot see them and antibiotics have no effect on them (except to make them grow better!)  They cannot be cultured unless you add antibiotics to the culture medium so it is assumed that no infectious organisms are present.  As they continue to damage and consume cells, we have increasing fatigue.

5. When the voltage drops to +30 millivolts, the change in polarity signals to stem cells that you have run out of voltage and oxygen.  In an effort to keep that organ working, the stem cells make a placenta.  Thus cancer is a placenta made by the body in its effort to keep an organ functioning.

Obviously the solution is to figure out why the body voltage is low.  It is usually some combination of:

  •  Lack of thyroid hormone
  • Lack of adrenal hormones
  • Dental infections (one root canal shuts down 63% of the immune system)
  • Scars across an acupuncture muscle battery pack
  • Emotional baggage (stored as magnetic fields blocking the flow of voltage)
  • Toxins

While the solution to these problems is discovered and corrected, one can use the Tennant BioModulator® as an external power supply to raise the voltages and help the body function.  There are specific locations (terminals) on the body where one can put patches attached to a wire that brings electrons from the Tennant BioModulator to recharge the acupuncture muscles battery packs.