Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a progressive loss of the cones in the retina that allow one to see details and color. These often degenerate and cause a progressive loss of ability to read and drive. Traditional medicine has little to offer except vitamins like lutein.

We found that using the voltage concepts discussed on this website, we can restore the vision in those with macular degeneration. If the vision is worse than 20/70, there is too much scarring for us to return the vision to reading vision, but we seem to be able to arrest the deterioration. In addition, patients with poor vision often get a subjective improvement. For example, a patient with vision less than 20/400 could tell that someone was in the room but couldn’t tell who it was. After treatment, his vision still measured less than 20/400 but he could tell who was in the room and where food was located on his plate.

There are two goals with macular degeneration:  (1) stop the progression toward blindness (2) improve the vision.  The first one is almost always possible IF you correct the reason your battery pack failed you in the first place and IF you continue to consume the things necessary to make new cells and IF you stop taking statin drugs.  Macular cells are 50% cholesterol.  If you prevent your liver from making cholesterol, you will also prevent your macula from being able to heal itself and maintain itself.

Whether you get an improvement in your vision using our treatment methods depends upon how much scarring you have in the macula.  Remember that what we know how to do is help your body make new cells.  However, a cell can’t push a scar out of the way.

Most people feel blessed if they can stop the progression toward blindness.  If the vision gets better in the process, you are doubly blessed!

On the average, we treat ten sessions of fifteen minutes per eye. For out of town people, we can treat twice a day