Obesity is a major epidemic in our country.  There is very little agreement on causes and therapy.  The following are commonly found to be contributory:

1.  Hypothyroidism- some people lose to their normal weight by correcting thyroid function, but many do not.

2.  Food Allergies- many people become allergic to the foods they eat.  This is particularly true for those that eat the same foods every day.  One can identify the food allergies with a blood test (ELISA).  By avoiding the foods that your body responds to, you will often lose weight.

3.  Consumption of high fructose corn syrup- this is a common sweetener.  It is the one most commonly used in bottled drinks and our foods because it tastes very sweet and is less expensive than other sweeteners.  However, drinking one soda per day will cause you to gain ten pounds per year.  If you gain ten pounds per year every year, you are soon very overweight.  If you drink a liter or more every day...well!!!!

4.  Artificial sweeteners- sweeteners like aspartame actually set the hypothalamus higher and make you gain weight.  You should avoid anything labeled “diet”.

5.  Genetically modified foods--many of our foods are genetically modified.  Such foods do not perform the same in the body.  Unfortunately, our government does not require food companies to inform us when we are eating genetically modified foods.