Root Canals


A root canal is a dead tooth.  If your tooth begins to hurt, your dentist may suggest that you have a root canal.  This is accomplished by drilling a hole on the top of your tooth, inserting an auger, and ripping out the artery and nerve.  Without a blood supply, the tooth dies.

If I told you that because your appendix hurts, I am going to go into your spine and cut the nerve to the appendix so you won't feel that it hurts and then rip the artery off the appendix so it will die, I doubt you would let me do it.

Dentists are the only physicians that purposely leave dead tissue in the body.  They mistakenly believe that they can sterilize dead tissue and it will stay that way.  It simply cannot be done.  If you have a piece of dead bone in your leg and I magically sterilize it, it will still get infected.  If your big toe gets infected and I don't remove it, you will get gangrene and die.  If your appendix dies and you don't remove it, you will die from peritonitis.  ALL DEAD TISSUE GETS INFECTED.

In the images below you will see a study published in the root canal specialists (Endodontists) journal.  They took people that were going to have wisdom teeth removed.  They did a root canal on one side and then removed both wisdom teeth in three months.  Molars have about three miles of tubules in each tooth.  As you can see, the tooth that didn't have anything done had only 1% of the tubules infected.  However, the tooth that had a root canal three months earlier had 39% of the tubules infected.


One root canal tooth shuts down 63% of your immune system!


Although the study is small and not proof of a relationship, I looked at 20 cancer patients.  Seventy percent of them had a root canal in the same acupuncture meridian as the primary cancer.

I personally had a bleeding disorder.  My platelet count was 40,000 with normal being 150,000 to 350,000.  I had a root canal tooth in my spleen acupuncture meridian.  My splleen was killing my platelets.  About 48 hours after I had the root canal tooth removed, my platelet count was normal!

I see such improvements in almost all conditions when people have their root canals removed.

Another problem with root canals is that the infection in the tooth often spreads to the surrounding bone and then adjacent teeth.  If your dentist simply pulls the tooth but doesn't address the infected bone, you will still be sick.

George Meinig, DDS invented the root canal procedure.  He spent the last years of his career trying to get dentists to stop doing them.  Please get his book Root Canal Coverup.

Whether you can have an implant after the root canal is removed depends a lot on whether the bone is infected.  Infected bone will not support the peg of the implant.  In this case, a bridge may be a better solution.

Titanium pegs on implants are electron stealers and thus create an environment inviting infection around the peg.  It seems that the newer zirconium (synthetic diamond) pegs are a better solution.